June 9 Public Salon follow-up

THANK YOU EVERYONE who joined us for our first Public Salon at the Playhouse Theatre. We apologize to the people who were turned away at the door. Although we sold out all of the tickets we were able to seat many who wanted to buy tickets at the door by giving tickets from the Will Call from some of the sponsors who didn’t fill all their seats. The audience was a wonderful mix of over 500 people from business leaders to university students to representatives of cultural groups.

The feedback has been great. Everyone loved the diversity of the speakers and the time limit. Many wish they had had more time at the end to hang out in the lobby, go through all the exhibits and talk with the speakers. We know we need to have a more efficient process of getting people in the door. At that time we were supposed to start the program there were still over 100 people outside in the line.

We were pleased that the Province Newspaper carried my op-ed that morning calling for a renewed interest in the concept of the Salon. The 24 Hours Newspaper also did a nice feature on page 3. Rick Cluff of CBC morning radio did a very nice interview with Al Etmanski who was very eloquent. I spoke with several people at the Public Salon who told me they came because of his interview.

We are working hard to get the videos of the speakers up on our website. In the meantime we received an overwhelming desire from those present to have another Public Salon with a similar format. I would like to give a special thank you to our Introducers. All of them were very generous in contributing to the Global Civic Policy Society. Stay tuned for news of the next Public Salon.

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