Greeting Fluency Session: January 12, 2012

Fifty participants joined us at the videotaping of the January 12 Greeting Fluency Session at the CBC Building Studio 700. Mandarin, Farsi and Spanish were the focus of the evening.

The enthusiastic audience learned five basic greeting phrases for Mandarin, Farsi and Spanish and took away specially designed cards to help them use these phrases in the future. They also heard entertaining and interesting cultural insights from guest speakers including the following:

Mandarin instructor: John Weston, Member of Parliament West Vancouver
Mandarin cultural insights: BC Lee, former Vancouver City councillor
Farsi instructor: Massoud Habashi, International House Vancouver
Farsi cultural insights: Ramin Mahjouri, editor Paivand newspaper
Spanish instructor: Ana Castanio, International House Vancouver
Spanish cultural insights: Emilio Rivero, Mexico trade high commissioner.

Greeting Fluency is not about teaching language, it is about communicating respect. Several interesting projects are underway including a greeting fluency session for a parent group of a public secondary school and a Greeting Fluency Initiative for an elementary school. Do you have ideas how the concept of Greeting Fluency can be promoted? Let us know. Lynn at

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