Vancouver will have it’s 20th Public Salon – November 19th

Almost 10,000 people have attended achieving audiences of full houses at Vancouver’s Playhouse theatre. The Public Salon has given a platform to over 150 of Vancouver’s Thinkers and Doers. The presentations have been videotaped and have been viewed 60,000 times and they are featured on it’s weekly Public Salon TV Show on Shaw TV channel 4. The Public Salon originated from a series of private salon dinners hosted by Sam Sullivan and Lynn Zanatta for over a decade. Their mentor and friend Abraham Rogatnick encouraged them to bring the benefits and pleasures of the t salons to a wider audience. It was only after he passed away that they committed to hosting the Public Salons in his honour. The salon concept has ancient roots going back to China and Italy but were particularly noted in the 1700s France where they were credited with being one of the factors being lead to the French Revolution. The Public Salon is a made in Vancouver phenomenon that contributes to the unique civic culture of our city and province.

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