Minutes from November 3, 1890

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  • Communications from Belle Smythe and many others protesting against a license being granted to the Imperial Opera house to sell spirituous liquors
  •  A fee of 25 cents to be charged for a printed copy of the City By-Laws
  • Mr. M.H. Hirschberg, President of The Vancouver Free Reading Room and Library requested $125 per month in order to rent a suitable room – $25 per month to rent a room and $100 for expenses.  Decision referred to “Messrs Charles Whetham and F.C. Cotton…to report to the Council…as to what in their opinion would be the best and most judicious way of aiding said institution, also what amount they consider would be necessary to carry out the suggestion which they may see fit to make” (Mr. Charles Whetham was a real estate broker and Mr F.C. Cotton was the editor and manager of the News Advertiser)

These minutes were transcribed in November, 2015 by guest transcriber Chris Stephenson

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