February 18th Public Salon Speaker List

We are thrilled to announce the final speaker list for February’s Public Salon.

Cornelia Oberlander, who at 93 years of age is one of the world’s leading landscape architects travelling the world working on her many commissions.

Jorge Amigo is a political scientist and community builder who is the founder of #bemyamigo an organization which brings strangers together to meet. Jorge will  gives insights on his adopted city of Vancouver.

Urbanist and architectural critic Trevor Boddy will weigh in with his views of Vancouver

Meeru Dhalwala, the woman behind Vij’s, Rangoli and Shanik will share her insights  on immigrant women careers and cuisine.

Jennifer Gardy  is finding the links between DNA and disease at BC Centre for Disease Control.

David Moscrop wonders if our brain was evolved for democracy.

Erin Treloar the founder of Raw Beauty Talks will  explore the dysfunction around photoshop and the ideal woman.

Michelle Faehrmann and Four on the Floor String Quartet.

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