Documents of Early Vancouver Now Welcoming Guest Transcribers

Since 2012, the Global Civic Policy Society has, in co-operation with the Vancouver Archives, been photographing and transcribing the original hand-written records from the first Vancouver City Council meetings. The very first meeting was May 26, 1886.  You can see our photos here and our transcript of the minutes here.

We’ve completed photographed all the minutes from 1886 up to mid-1891, and transcribed them up to the end of 1890.  So far, we have found City Council discussions of :

  • the Great Fire of 1886
  • damage done to someone’s front porch by a runaway team of horses
  • what to do with a monkey someone left in the courtyard behind City Hall
  • asking the Government to set aside the land that would eventually become Stanley Park

and so many more fascinating topics, both great and small.

We are now inviting others to share in the fun of transcribing these and future minutes from photos we have taken. For more information, please visit our web site Transcribimus: documents of early Vancouver and beyond to join a network of volunteers who are passionate about history and community service.We work to make historical documents available free of charge for online access by researchers and the general public.

Transcribimus is a project of the Global Civic Policy Society, a federally registered charitable non profit Society.

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