Global Civic Policy Society was founded by social entrepreneur and former Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan. After establishing 6 successful civil society organizations and serving 15 years as City Councillor and Mayor of Vancouver he committed to creating an organization for research and reflection on civil society, local government and citizenship.



The Global Civic Policy Society organizes events that provide opportunities for citizens to learn and engage in community building.

The Public Salons offer an opportunity for a wide range of speakers to make short presentations that inform, inspire and entertain on ideas that could contribute to the community. These presentations are broadcast on the 1/2 hour Public Salon Television Show that runs four times a week on Shaw TV Channel 4. These can also be viewed on the Global Civic Website and on YouTube.

The Greeting Fluency Initiative seeks to educate citizens and promote more understanding around multiculturalism. Greeting Fluency Sessions are held for the general public and for specific groups that teach a few phrases of greetings in other languages and provides insights into cultural differences from leading citizens who speak those languages. Greeting Fluency learning tapes can be viewed on the Global Civic Website while other learning tools such as easy to carry cards and an upcoming Apple and Android app are developed.

The Vancouver Urban Forum is a concept that focuses on a specific theme for a series of presentations. For example the Fourth Wave Conference on Urban Reform on June 6, 2012 is a full-day of presentations relating to achieving urban densification and governance reform. This offers an opportunity for citizens to focus on a specific topic in a more interactive format.

“Reflections on a Former Mayor” is an opportunity to provide commentary on issues of relevance to civil society, local government and citizenship.



In Memoriam

The Global Civic Policy Society acknowledges with great sadness the passing away of Abraham Rogatnick who had agreed to become the Founding Chair of the Advisory Board. Sam Sullivan, the Founder and CEO, had numerous conversations with Abraham in developing the ideas and initiatives of the Society. The following is the Obituary and an article written in the Vancouver Magazine.

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