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Anti-growth policies an antiquated approach to building cities

By Sam Sullivan, Special to the Sun March 26, 2012,Vancouver Sun I usually agree with Gordon Gibson, but not with his suggestion that Vancouver should just say no to growth and let him live a quiet life. In the 1880s Canada decided to make Vancouver its “terminal city.” A monumentally expensive railway was built which […]

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On Being Asked to Comment on Jim Green…

I have received a number of requests asking for a statement about Jim Green. He was a great leader, a great citizen and he profoundly influenced the direction of the city. The following article gives just one example of why I believe this is so: Form Follows Function Abraham Rogatnick was a dear friend and […]

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On Hearing of the Death of Tom Campbell…..

On Hearing of the Death of  Tom Campbell….. Environmental concerns lead many to believe that the ideal city should have a very high density core with pockets of high density throughout the surrounding suburbs. I discovered that this ideal was exactly the city we were achieving many years ago. In the 1960s the neighborhood of […]

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The Fourth Wave of Urban Reform

Canada has seen three waves of urban reform sweep the nation. The first saw the formal establishment of cities as self-governing corporations as a way to manage local unrest after the Rebellion of 1837. The Canadian Confederation placed cities firmly under the control of provincial governments which would lead them to become the fiscally weakest […]

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The City We Want

What is the form of the ideal city? If the goal is to reduce our impact on the environment the answer would seem to be a very high density urban core surrounded by much lower densities punctuated by points or corridors of higher density. This form results in the best outcomes for greenhouse gas emissions […]

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“Canadian Cities in Transition” Local Through Global Perspectives, 3rd Edition

Edited by Trudi Bunting and Pierre Filion ISBN: 0195422198 Release Date: May 16, 2006 Publisher: Oxford University Press Chapter 1.Cities that fail to export decline. The origins of urban planning can be traced back to the 19th century public health interventions intended to reduce the risks of epidemics. The period known as Suburban Domination in […]

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“Common Ground in a Liquid City” Essays in Defence of an Urban Future

Author: Matt Hern ISBN: 9781849350105 Release Date: December 30, 2009 Publisher: AK Press Core Contentions — 1. An ecological city has to be organized around cities, living compactly. 2. In a liquid air a when people, goods, and capital are sloshing over the globe we have to turn cities into comprehensible places that everyday people […]

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Kudos to Cadieux

Almost unnoticed amongst the recent news items emanating from Victoria was a watershed event for people with disabilities. Stephanie Cadieux became the first wheelchair user to become a Cabinet Minister in BC history. Stephanie has been a dignified, levelheaded, consensus building advocate for people with disabilities and healthier communities for many years both at the […]

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The Vancouver Achievement: Urban Planning and Design

Author: John Punter ISBN: 9780774809726 Release Date: January 1, 2004 Publisher: UBC Press Three innovative practices — Urban Design Panel, City Plan, Mega Project Planning process Two planning traditions — discretionary/British and administrative/American-Continental Europe. Vancouver has a blend of the two. Richard Enriquez calls envelope Urban design as public-policy — emerged in North American cities. […]

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In Manhattan with David Owen

Thanks to an invitation from the Christopher Reeve Foundation and the support of the Rick Hansen Institute Lynn and I headed out to Manhattan with a copy of David Owen’s new book Green Metropolis in hand. The Reeve Gala was spectacular thanks to Henry Stifel, Vice President of both the Christopher Reeve Foundation and Morgan […]

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