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The end of David Oppenheimer’s term as Mayor

On Monday, December 14, 1891, the Vancouver Daily World published a petition signed by more than 450 voters including R. H. Alexander, M.A. MacLean, H. F. Keefer, John Hendry, and Walter Graveley – all pledging support to David Oppenheimer as Mayor, should he choose to run again.

Oppenheimer replied in the same issue that he must “decline the honour…and ask that you will permit me to retire from public service for the present.”  He cites his health and business as the two reasons for his retirement:

As you are aware, my health for some time past has not been all that can be desired, and my relatives (particularly my wife) insist that I shall take a rest in order to recover lost ground.

I am also, as you know, actively interested in several important industries and enterprises connected with this city and neighborhood,  and I think it is due to the gentlemen with whom I am associated therein, that I should be free to devote more of my time and attention to the furtherance of their interests.

David Oppenheimer died December 31, 1897.

Progress Report: Documents of Early Vancouver

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Minutes from December 28, 1891

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  • Fire Chief allowed to order caps for the whole department from New York, as “they are not manufactured in this city”
  • A Trades License By-Law was put through at the last moment. However, a motion to conclude the By-Law for the purchase of the Vancouver Street Railway & Electric Light Co by the City was lost.
  • Final meeting of the Council of 1891

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Minutes from December 21, 1891

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  • One Vancouver leper placed on Darcy Island (with five from Victoria)
  • Many accounts were submitted before year end, particularly for the Board of Works
  • By-Law was established to fix time and place for election of Mayor, Aldermen, Park and License Commissioners

This document is was transcribed by volunteer Donna Kynaston through Transcribimus, a project of the Global Civic Policy Society.

Minutes from December 16, 1891

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  • Special Meeting to review purchase of the Vancouver Water Works and to revise the Liquor License By-Law

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Minutes from December 14, 1891

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  • City Clerk to advertise at once for a Porter and Cook for the City Hospital.
  • City Engineer presented a plan of the city showing where more pipes were needed to extend the Water Works. Tenders were invited to supply appropriate pipes.
  • G.A. Jordan was unanimously appointed Police Magistrate.

This document was jointly transcribed by Lesley Hebert, Judy Lam Maxwell, Sue Bryant, Michelle Cormack, & Georgia Brown in December of 2016 through  Transcribimus, a project of the Global Civic Policy Society

Minutes from December 11, 1891 Special Meeting

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  • use of the Market Hall was granted for the 26th of December to hold a concert in aid of the Alexandra Hospital
  • Several By-Laws were read for the first time: Vagrancy, Bread, Guns etc., Pound, Market, Liquor, Fire Limit & Trades License

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Minutes from December 10, 1891 Special Meeting

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A Special Meeting was held to discuss:

  • the rate for the sale of the Water Works Debentures was set at 96% (The City had wanted a minimum of 97.5%, the bank had advised a straight 95), and
  • The purchase of the Street Railway Company at $437,000

This document transcribed in October of 2016 by Transcribimus volunteer Anonymous

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