Documents of Early Vancouver


Minutes from February 24, 1890

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  • Many amendments made to City Charter. Mr. Hammersley, city solicitor, sent of Victoria to see them carried through.
  • Site for [Rogers] sugar refinery established, to be purchased from F. C. Cotton, proprietor of San Juan Lime Co.

Minutes from February 17, 1890

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  • The Minister of Public Works is reported to be “naturally irritated at the imposition and misrepresentation” in a petition for a Post Office in Vancouver, that to a great extent such a petition is fraudulent, many of the [supposed 1800 citizens’ signatures being those of ] children and persons not in British Columbia”.
    Council forms a committee to look who prepared the petition and how the irregularities occurred.

Minutes from February 10, 1890

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  •  Council specifies that their grant of a bonus “ in aid of the establishment of the said [Rogers] Sugar Refinery is enacted …on the condition that the Company…shall not at any time employ Chinese labor in and about the said works”.
  •  Committee formed for the reception their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Connaught

Minutes from February 3, 1890

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  • Fire, Water and Light Committee directed to recommend safeguards against accidents “from the wires of the Telegraph, Telephone and Electric Light Companies when the Electric currents are of such intensity as to be dangerous to human life”.
  • The License Inspector instructed to visit and report upon each of the hotels, saloons, and retail stores to see if they are obeying liquor by-laws.

Minutes from January 27, 1890

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  • Council agrees to acquire the Water Works from its current private owners
  • It was agreed to request the provincial government not to dissolve the current Small Debts Court Act until a judge is actually resident in Vancouver
  • Council to request the Dominion Government to establish a dry-dock in Vancouver large enough to accommodate ships to and from China, Japan, and Australia

Minutes from January 20, 1890

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  • licensed “hackmen” (horse-drawn public cab drivers) ordered to post standard fares in some conspicuous place in their vehicles
  • the Sergeant of Police [is] instructed to utilize prison labor as much as possible in cleaning up the streets in the business portions of the City
  • M.A. MacLean (first mayor of Vancouver) is terminated from his position as Police Magistrate

Minutes from January 6, 1890 (Council for 1890)

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  • Floating cabins and other “public nuisances” built along English Bay, Burrard Inlet, Coal Harbour and False Creek to be removed
  • Council to establish a “crematory” for burning garbage and a “pest house” to quarantine those with infectious diseases, and to acquire the Water Works

Minutes from January 6, 1890 (Council for 1889)

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  • John Clough awarded fifty dollars for his services around City Hall.
  • Minutes and reports received and closing remarks given.
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