Documents of Early Vancouver


Minutes from September 10, 1888

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  • J. Humphries, chairman of the Board of works  reports “That the present electric light for street lighting is a humbug and expensive and would recommend…a more modern and economical system of electric light for street lighting.”
  • Meanwhile, the Fire, Water, and Light Committee recommend
    1.  That the present system of electric lighting be tested with a view of ascertaining whether we have the candle power bargained for.
    2. That the Vancouver Electric Illuminating Co be asked to extend their contract for street lighting for two months after the expiration of the present contract on the same terms.


Minutes from August 27, 1888

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  •  Former Mayor M.A. McLean appointed Police Magistrate at a salary of $1,000 per year
  • Fri Oct 12, 1888 set aside as Arbour Day, “for the purpose of planting trees and shrubs, and as a public holiday


Minutes from August 20, 1888

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  • Land budget for school south of False Creek increased to $910 from $500
  • Budget of $500 set aside to build a City Morgue
  • Recreation grounds used by Sells Circus without permission; Council allows it for once, but permission will be required in future


Minutes from August 14, 1888

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  • Communication from John D. Ronald acknowledging receipt of money for Engine No 2
  • A telephone, bell and pump be purchased for the new Fire Hall and sufficient lumber for the erection of water closets, fences etc.
  • John Nicholson be paid $400 for the Gore at the Junction of Powell and Alexander Streets provided he signs an agreement to leave the sidewalk on its present site

Minutes from July 30, 1888

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  • many tenders received for street improvements
  • sewerage contractors will be told “to cover up the sewer pipe on the lane running between Hastings Street and Pender Street…and to put lanes and sidewalks in good repair as before”
  • Mr. H. Abbott offered to give a site for Immigrant sheds North of the Company’s Offices on Cordova Street

Minutes from July 23, 1888

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  • City Engineer…to drain the low lands on Pender Street crossing Howe, Hornby and Granville
  • City Treasurer instructed not to collect any tax on personal property this year and to repay any tax that he has already collected

Minutes from July 16, 1888

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  • Mr. James Hartney requests reimbursement for goods destroyed in quarantine
  • Board of Works received four plans for the Bridge across False Creek which we have referred to Mr. Cambie for review

Minutes from July 9, 1888

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  • Mr. H. T. Ceperley asks upon what conditions the City will grant the privilege of constructing and operating Street Railways.
  • C.P.R. patients to be accommodated at City Hospital at a charge of $5.oo per week
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