Documents of Early Vancouver


Minutes from December 3, 1888

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  • special meeting to commemorate death of Alderman Humphries; City Hall to be closed the day of his funeral; his desk to be draped for the remainder of the year

Minutes from November 26, 1888

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  • Dominion Government’s offer of 160 acres in the Hastings Townsite for a Public Park is accepted
  • Mayor Oppenheimer granted $50 to establish Fruit Growers’ Association

Minutes from November 19, 1888

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  • three part-time constables added to force for the remainder of the year

Minutes from November 12, 1888

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  • mayor to inform Dominion Government that city requests and will donate land to establish post office and customs house in a central part of the city
  • request to council to re-locate newly built morgue (does not give reason for request!)

Minutes from November 5, 1888

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  • city accepts E.J. Clark’s offer of donation of lot for an athletic field
  • “responsible parties” may apply for trees purchased by city
  • Presbyterian Ladies’ Aid donates all linens and equipment for eight hospital beds

Minutes from October 22, 1888

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  • city drains to be diverted into culverts being dug by C.P.R to reduce fouling of Burrard Inlet north of Water Street

Minutes from October 15, 1888

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  • city hospital informally opened Sept 22 with only one ward operative
  • rules limiting hospital visiting hours for visitors and clergy 
  • election of medical staff to city hospital called into question

Minutes from October 9, 1888

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  • intersections chosen for installation of electric lights and fire hydrants
  • contractors agree to have debris along park road disposed of by city, and the cost deducted from final payment
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