Documents of Early Vancouver


Minutes from July 23, 1888

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  • City Engineer…to drain the low lands on Pender Street crossing Howe, Hornby and Granville
  • City Treasurer instructed not to collect any tax on personal property this year and to repay any tax that he has already collected

Minutes from July 16, 1888

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  • Mr. James Hartney requests reimbursement for goods destroyed in quarantine
  • Board of Works received four plans for the Bridge across False Creek which we have referred to Mr. Cambie for review

Minutes from July 9, 1888

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  • Mr. H. T. Ceperley asks upon what conditions the City will grant the privilege of constructing and operating Street Railways.
  • C.P.R. patients to be accommodated at City Hospital at a charge of $5.oo per week

Minutes from June 25, 1888

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  • Every recommendation for opening streets or laying sidewalk or other work shall state the estimated cost of the same and that before any contract is signed such estimate shall be passed upon and reported on by the Finance Committee.
  • Applications shall be called for the position of caretaker at the Public Cemetery, the applicant to state salary required and whether he is a man with a family.

Minutes from June 19, 1888

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  • Mr. H. V. Edmonds has agreed to donate to the City of Vancouver for school purposes part of the triangular block… on Ninth Avenue and…Westminster Road (where the Kingsgate Mall is now).
  • $250 set aside to construct immigration sheds
  • bylaws established to give tax exemptions to needed businesses: a such as blast furnaces and rolling mills

Minutes from June 11, 1888

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  • Great number of tenders for road work reviewed and recommended by Board of Works
  • Special Engineer to be employed to review plans for bridge across False Creek at Granville Street, surface drains, and laying of water and gas pipesl

Minutes from June 4, 1888

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  • Joseph Mannion resigns his seat on City Council
  • Council set aside $800 for building a school house on the south side of False Creek. E.V. Edmonds asked to donate two lots for school.
  • Volunteer Fire Brigade to be given $200 in upcoming year to use as they see fit

Minutes from May 28, 1888

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  • The Health Inspector authorized to tear down the old building on the Hospital Lots and that the chain gang be utilized for that purpose. Carried.
  • Communication to H.P. Caron, Minister of Defense in Ottawa asking him to take some provisions for the defense of Vancouver before the departure of said Engineers by having the necessary surveys and plans of fortifications made by them before leaving the Pacific Coast.
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