Documents of Early Vancouver


Minutes from October 26, 1891

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  • Recent city census taken by Mackay and Emanuels shows population to be 18,260
  • Finance committee enquired into the City’s advertising in the News-Advertiser, and concluded that there was no over-charging by the newspaper

This document transcribed in August of 2016 by by Transcribimus volunteer Donna Kynaston

Minutes from October 19, 1891

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  • Six additional intersections identified for future street lights, including 6th and Carolina
  • Champion and White appointed as caretakers of the new city garbage burning facility and a joint salary of $75 per month
  • Board of Works to meet with the City Solicitor about how best to remove squatters from the City’s foreshore

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Minutes from October 12, 1891

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  • The lane in Block 97 D.L. 196 be graded by the chain gang
  • I.H. Hallet resigned as Police Magistrate and was paid out at $125.00 per month
  • James Carnahan allowed to cut wood from five acres of the Cemetery Grounds at 20 cents a cord

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Minutes from October 5, 1891

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  • James Carnahan offers 20 cents a cord for the wood on the cemetery grounds
  • R.S. Coldwell appointed Police Officer
  • I. Hallet to be paid $125 per month owing since April, and at next meeting to “find out by whose authority Mr. Hallett was struck off the pay roll

This document transcribed in July of 2016 by Transcribimus volunteer Bronwyn Cripps

Minutes from September 28, 1891

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  • The Board of Health met to discuss the care and treatment of two Chinese lepers formerly employed by the CPR
  • Advertisement for a new Police Magistrate postponed for 3 months
  • Council “cordially endorses” Victoria council’s plan for a BC building at the (1893) Chicago World’s Fair

This document transcribed in June 0f 2016 by Transcibimus volunteer Martha Hazevoet

Minutes from September 14, 1891

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  • Letter received from H. Abbott, General Superintendent of the Canadian Pacific Railway Co., stating that he was authorized to proceed with the construction of the terminal station at the foot of Granville Street (now Waterfront Station)
  • Moved by Alderman Godfrey, Seconded by Alderman Templeton That the Dominion Government be petitioned to change the name of the “First Narrows” to “Lions Gate” and that of “False Creek” to “Pleasant Inlet”

This document transcribed in June of 2016 by Transcribimus volunteer Martha Hazevoet

Minutes from September 7, 1891

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• Two railcar loads of gravel to be purchased from the CPR for use on city streets
• Federal government seemed to have stopped building post office on Granville Street, but has left stone blocks and building debris obstructing traffic
• A by-election to be held, as Alderman de Pencier has left the city

This document transcribed in May of 2016 by Transcribimus volunteer Martha Hazevoet

Minutes from August 31, 1891

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  • City Hall caretaker John Clough injured in accident, replacement to be hired for one week
  • Albert Yates, Messenger for the City Hall, to be paid $25 per month
  • each fireman be allowed a holiday of one week
  • Board of Works recommends all future contracts state “that 9 hours shall constitute a day’s work”

This document was transcribed in December of 2016 by Martha Hazeveot through, a project of Global Civic Policy Society.

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