Documents of Early Vancouver


Minutes from August 17, 1891

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  • Officer Grady “allowed $12 for a suit of clothes”
  • R.W. Hart awarded the contract for “burying the pauper dead at the rate of $15 for each corpse”
  • The City Council “will not countenance any monopoly of the bathing facilities on [English] Bay”
  • Bylaw “granting the New Westminster Tramway Co. power to construct and operate a tramway line over certain streets in Vancouver”

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Minutes from August 13, 1891

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  • Special Meeting to finalize an agreement between the Tramway Company and the City.

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Minutes from August 10, 1891

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  • Alderman Carroll authorized to purchase an artificial leg for Mr. R. D. Pett, “the City to pay for same”
  • The Police Chief authorized to prevent the New Westminster Tramway Co to interfere with Vancouver streets, and to obtain extra assistance if necessary
  • By-Laws introduced to raise $440,000 “by way of debentures” for the purchase of the Vancouver Water Works and a further $150,000 for the extension of the Water Works

This document transcribed in June of 2016 by Transcribimus volunteer Christopher Stephenson, MLIS

Minutes from Special Meeting August 6, 1891

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  • A bylaw was introduced to license Master Plumbers within the City
  • The City to immediately file an injunction to prevent further construction of a street railway along Venables Street to Boundary Road

This document transcribed in June of 2016 by Transcribimus volunteer Christopher Stephenson, MLIS

Minutes from August 3, 1891

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  • The City to regulate private “scavengering” (garbage/recycling collection) concerns within the city as soon as the waste-burning Crematory is in operation
  • The City Engineer to plan brick receiving vaults for the Cemetery, “cost not to exceed $500 complete”
  • The arbitrators for the Water Works purchase by the city came up with a final value for the works of three hundred and thirty thousand and eighty one dollars and ninety-three cents

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Minutes from July 27, 1891

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  • A group of Vancouver ratepayers have filed application for an injunction “to prevent any salary being paid to I.H. Hallett as Police Magistrate”
  • City Clerk to update Voters List and make a copy for the Dominion (Canadian) Government. A newspaper ad to be published telling all voters to confirm their names on the list by August 15

This document transcribed in June of 2016 by Transcribimus volunteer Donna Kynaston

Minutes from July 20, 1891

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• Mrs. McDonald, wife of the cemetery keeper, to be paid $5.00 per month for attending to the telephone
• Continuing conflict over whether Isaac Hallett is qualified as Police Magistrate, as he is not a Justice of the Peace

This document transcribed in June of 2016 by Transcribimus volunteer Donna Kynaston

Minutes from July 15, 1891

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  • Dr Fleming granted permission to erect a tent for the sale of drugs on Cordova St.
  • Police cannot interfere to compel children to keep away from the Electric Railway track on city streets (!)
  • The Women’s Christian Temperance Union advised that they could appear before the Police Court and prosecute those exhibiting “indecent pictures” on Cordova Street
  • Alderman Scoullar objected to the presence of reporters in the Council chamber

This document transcribed in May of 2016 by Transcribimus volunteer Donna Kynaston

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