Documents of Early Vancouver


Minutes from April 16, 1888

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  • CPR to build Heatley Street crossing over railway.
  • Contracts for street improvements for Hastings, Dunlevy, Westminster [Main Street].

Minutes from April 2, 1888

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  • Request for Opera House about to be built the exempt from taxation for 20 years.
  • Recommend purchase of six boxes and two gongs as a fire alarm system in the city and purchase of another fire engine.
  • Donation of $200 toward the purchase of sugar beet root seed.
  • A letter to Mr. Abbott of CPR asking that draw be put in the bridge crossing False Creek as it was preventing industries from establishing there.

Minutes from March 26, 1888

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  • Licensing Committee notes that Provincial Legislature is considering liquor issues. These should be left to municipalities.
  • Mr. Abbott of CPR to be notified city has let contract certain improvements.
  • Mr. Abbott to be asked to place a draw in their bridge across False Creek.
  • Thanks given to people who organized concert for hospital fundraising.

Minutes from Special Meeting March 24, 1888

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A Special meeting of the City Council to review the loan by-law and determine the rate of taxation for the current year.

Minutes from March 19, 1888

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  • Henry Abbott in support of Granville Bridge over False Creek.
  • Ferguson et al. in support of road to connect Lorne Street with proposed road to North Arm.
  • City Scavenger to furnish bond, pay license fee.
  • Refused to permit construction of glass and wood structure behind Cordova Street.
  • Ald. Humphries moved to re divide the city into new wards.

Minutes from March 12, 1888

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  • Mr. Pitt asks remuneration for loss of leg through being run over by fire engine.
  • Mr. Abbott [CPR] asked to kindly remove fence on Heatley Avenue and to construct crossing on railway.
  • Numerous calls for tender to improve streets. Bridge on Pender Street near brewery, etc.
  • Money put aside for the building of Granville Bridge to ultimately connect with North Arm bridge.

Minutes from March 5, 1888

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  • Five dollar reward to report those dumping on city streets.
  • Approved $20 to man whose team of horses had been destroyed after being infected by glanders.
  • Approval to raise $125,000 by way of debentures for general improvements.
  • Request to provincial government to sell lands for settlement.
  • Note that in these times every individual payment needed to be approved by the Council so most meetings had extensive lists of costs.

Minutes from February 27, 1888

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  • Rev. Robson asks to restrict liquor traffic. No action taken.
  • Request to sign advertising case on Cordova Street.
  • Several requests for improvements to streets.
  • Petition to amend the charter reducing qualifications for office and voting.
  • Request for bridge over North Arm to Lulu Island and another to Sea Island to reduce the cost of produce.
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