Documents of Early Vancouver


Minutes from July 5, 1886

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  • Only $89 was reported as received from Police Court fines, which was thought to be “an unreasonably low sum.”  It was noted that all fees, fines, etc. are to be deposited in the City Treasury once a day, and that the Treasurer must report any delinquencies at once to the Mayor and Clerk.
  • Further to the Special Assessment for the improvement of Water Street, the rule was established, “Where the property in any block is especially benefited by the proposed improvements the rate per front-footage shall be uniform irrespective of the assessed value.

Minutes from June 30, 1886

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  • A Special Meeting to adopt the report of the City Engineer about new rates on Water Street.

Minutes from June 28, 1886

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  • Council met in the Relief Committee Tent.
  • City Clerk to write to John D. Ronald accepting the terms he offered for the purchase of a Fire Engine in May.
  • City Clerk also to write to manufacturers of fire bells for future City purchase.

Minutes from June 22, 1886

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  • Special meeting; first meeting after the Great Fire of June 13, 1886.
  • City Clerk authorized to contract with McDonald and Cameron for work on Water Street at a cost of $3,800, to be paid 60 days from the date of the contract.
  • City Debentures amounting to $4,500 to be sold for 5 years at 6% interest, secured by special tax on Water Street properties.
  • Decision to purchase “Mr. Ronald’s Fire Engine” finalized.  Fire By-Law to be introduced at the next Council meeting.

Minutes from June 10, 1886

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  • Map published by H.B. Smith endorsed as official Map of the City.
  • Liquor By-Law No. 5 finalized and sent to British Columbia Gazette for publication.

Minutes from June 7, 1886

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  • Communication received from Dr. McGuigan re: Voter’s List, no action taken
  • City of Vancouver charged 50 cents per day board for each City prisoner held in the provincial Jail. City unable to pay at this point, but asks that accounts be kept so they can pay in future.
  • Royal City Planing Mills allowed to lay water pipe as requested, though City will have option to acquire it in future as part of civic water works.
  • David Oppenheimer’s letter of May 23 replied to “on account of the want of funds the city is unable to undertake any general improvements.”

Minutes from May 31, 1886

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  • Communication received from Mr. John D. Ronald, Manufacturer of Fire Engines – referred to Fire, Water and Light Committee.
  • By-Law No. 3 dividing the City of Vancouver into Wards was passed and sent to the British Columbia Gazette for publication.
  • Police Commissioner empowered to notify proprietors of any obstructions attached to their property –  porches, fences, railings, etc., that are unsightly or that interfere with traffic or pedestrians, and to ensure they are removed within the specified notice period.

Minutes from May 25, 1886

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  • Letter received from David Oppenheimer suggesting Council begin at once to grade and plank streets “by contracting with parties who may be willing to wait payment until the sale of the first city debentures“.  Council to consider.
  • A Bylaw to Restrain and Punish vagrants and other disorderly persons (Bylaw No. 2) was read three times, passed, and sent to the British Columbia Gazette for publication.
  • A Bylaw dividing the City of Vancouver into Wards was read for the first time.
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