Documents of Early Vancouver


Minutes from May 18, 1886

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  • By-Law No. 1 read three times and passed, outlining the duties and salaries of City Clerk, Assessment Commissioner, Engineer, and Police Magistrate
  • The Mayor, Police Magistrate, and City Clerk appointed a Board to review and issue liquor permits at a cost of $50 per year retail, $25 per year wholesale.
  • A presentation was made by the Volunteer Fire Brigade, and a request for equipment.

Minutes from May 17, 1886

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  • Applications for Liquor Permits were referred to the License Commissioners
  • Alderman Balfour given two weeks’ leave

Minutes from May 13, 1886

Transcript     Original document

  • Minutes of previous meeting read and adopted
  • The Council then adjourned to attend the public meeting called by the Mayor to celebrate Dominion Day

Minutes from May 12, 1886

Transcript      Original document

  • Moved by Alderman L. A. Hamilton seconded by Alderman Coldwell, “that the Mayor be authorized to forward a petition to the Dominion Government through the Member for New Westminster District praying that the whole of that part of the Coal Harbour Peninsula Known as the Government Reserve or such part as in the wisdom of the Government they might see fit to grant, be Conveyed to the City of Vancouver for a Public Park.” Carried

Minutes from May 10, 1886

Transcript      Original document

  • first Council established, committees established
  • Joseph Huntly took minutes at this meeting
  • matter of purchase of Fire Apparatus referred to the Committee on Fire, Water, and Light until the next meeting
  • meetings to take place in the residence adjoining the Court House until a suitable quarters can be found
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