Documents of Early Vancouver


Minutes from February 23, 1891

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  • The Board of Works report instructs the City Clerk be to fire the current Engineering Department staff and advertise for a new staff (Alderman Brighouse, Godfrey, Templeton and Brown supporting the motion, Alderman de Pencier dissenting).
  • Mayor David Oppenheimer refuses to put the question to council, as he considered the action of the Board illegal in discharging the whole engineering staff.  He left the room stating that any further business would be illegal.

This document transcribed in January of 2016 by Transcribimus volunteer Chris Stephenson

Minutes from February 16, 1891

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  • Request received from John McCulloch asking to be reimbursed for his clothing lost through being imprisoned in the City Jail.
  • Alderman Garden resigned.  Newly-elected Alderman Scoullar assigned to Finance, Police, and Health committees in his place.
  • Council sends condolences to New Westminster Council on the loss of life and property due to its recent fire, and regrets it could not send its fire engine to help.
  • Alderman Templeton moves a petition to the Minister of Railways on the subject of the CPR’s blockage of traffic on city streets by shunting cars and their refusal to provide safety crossings.
  • Alderman McDowell gave notice that at the next meeting he would move that the City Engineer and his staff be given notice that their services would no longer be required after the 31st of March.

This document transcribed in January of 2016 by Transcribimus volunteer Chris Stephenson

Minutes from February 12, 1891

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  • H. Abbott, General Superintendent of the C.P.R., denies C.P.R.’s responsibility to “furnish, at its own cost” the protection Council has requested at certain street crossings.
  • The Board of Works orders that the City Morgue be connected to the water works and public sewers.  The lawyer for nearby resident Mr McMillan be contacted to see if his objection to the morgue “nuisance” can be settled amicably.  (Mr. McMillan was a grocer at the corner of Abbott and Water Street)

This document transcribed in February of 2016 by Transcribimus volunteer Chris Stephenson

Minutes from February 2, 1891

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  • Mount Pleasant is growing:
    – citizens request an electric light at the intersection of Westminster Ave (now Kingsway/Main) and Eighth Ave, and
    – the Police Committee recommends the hire of an extra officer to form a beat “south of False Creek”
  • The Sugar Refinery Committee toured the completed (Roger’s) sugar factory, and recommend release of the $10,000 guarantee deposit to the credit of the company according to the agreement of August 4, 1890

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Minutes from January 26, 1891

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  • Misses Woodward and Drummond, nurses at the City Hospital, ask for increases of salary
  • The Market Committee asks the Board of Works to consider an additional exit from the Market Building as a precaution in case of fire.  The Board of Works urged immediate action
  • The Board of Works also directs that vacant lots and “all dangerous places” must be fenced by their owners

Minutes from January 19, 1891

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  • Residents of Mount Pleasant requested a police beat in their area, and a delegation also presented Council their strong objection to the nuisance (odor) from  Slaughter Houses nearby
  • Tenders to be invited to supply the City with coal, wood, and feed for 1891, with the provision that coal and feed must be weighted at the Market scales before delivery
  • The Health Department recommends that the old pest house (quarantine facility) “now wrecked on the shores of Dead Man’s Island” be burned

Minutes from January 14, 1891 (Special Meeting)

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  • Council met with Mr. Imrie Bell to discuss the proposed graving dock (drydock)
  • Bank of BC confirmed that the investors were good for the amount required
  • Mr. Bell agreed that after the completion of the project no Chinese workers would be employed.  (The Vancouver Labour Council had also requested to Council that no Chinese labour be employed during the building of the project, either, but they did not gain that point.)
  • Mr. Bell also told Council he would strongly recommend to his Company that Council have a representative on the Board of Directors

Minutes from January 12, 1891

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  • Additional committees for the year 1891 were formed.
  • Council asked for a breakdown of all legal expenses for the year 1890.
  • The resignation of Alderman Garden was accepted.
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