The Greeting Fluency Initiative seeks to encourage citizens to learn simple phrases of greetings in the languages of their neighbors. This simple act communicates a profound respect for other cultural groups and opens a window onto the rich cultural experiences that are a part of our own community.

The Greeting Fluency Initiative does not teach language but teaches greeting phrases to build bridges between cultures and create more inclusive communities. Those wishing to learn to speak other languages are encouraged to contact language learning schools.


Greeting Fluency Sessions.

We have held several public Greeting Fluency Sessions at the CBC Building Studio 700. We encourage community groups to host their own Greeting Fluency Sessions in which instructors come and share the treasures of language and culture that may be a part of their own neighborhoods. Learning a few simple phrases of greetings can help build more inclusive communities and make new neighbors feel a part of the broader society. This opportunity is also available to corporations wishing to sensitize their employees to their multicultural environments. Organizations such as Tourism Vancouver and MOSAIC have hosted these events. Are you interested in hosting a Greeting Fluency Session? Please contact Global Civic to learn what opportunities and resources are available.


Learning Videos.

The Greeting Fluency Initiative has several learning videos on its website that are available for free to the public. These videos are created by native speakers and help teach greeting phrases so citizens can achieve Greeting Fluency. Over the next year many more languages will be supported through this website www.greetingfluency.org.


Smart Phone App.

Global Civic is close to completing an app that can be used for smart phones called “Greeting Fluency Aid”. Citizens will be able to quickly get a refresher of greeting phrases in several different languages. Stay tuned.



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