Greeting Phrases

The Greeting Fluency Initiative believes that language can be a barrier or a bridge. Language is an important part of a person’s identity and a small effort to respect that and validate another by addressing them in their own language can go a long way.

The Greeting Fluency Initiative encourages citizens to be interested in the cultures and languages of their neighbors as a way of creating more inclusive communities. People can take the initiative by asking others how to say greeting phrases in their languages.

This Initiative is committed to providing supports for citizens who wish to take up this challenge. We have begun by creating a number of simple learning videos in several languages which can be accessed on the right of the screen. The Initiative is also exploring other opportunities.

Over the next few weeks in the lead up to the Greeting Fluency Day we will launch two new user-friendly options on this website. One will list a number of greeting phrases in other languages that will be immediately accessible. Another is a smart phone app called Greeting Fluency Aid which will also be available for Greeting Fluency Day on March 31 2012.

Greeting Phrases – March 31st 2012

Greetings in Chinook

  • Greetings – Klahowya
  • How are you – Kahta maika
  • Very good – Hyas Kloshe
  • Thanks – Mahsai
  • Big, Strong, really impresssive – Skookum  – High (or hyas) muckamuck

Greetings in Korean

  • Greetings – An yeong ha se you
  • Thank you – Kam sam ham ni da
  • Goodbye – Anyeong hee kaseyo
  • Nice to meet you – Manaso pankap sumnida

Greetings in Mandarin

  • Hello – Ni Hao
  • Hello. How are you? –  Ni hao ma
  • Fine – Henhao
  • Thank you – Xiexie
  • Goodbye – Zai Jian

Greetings in Farsi

  • Hello – Salaam
  • How are you? – Haaleh shomaa chetoreh?
  • Fine – Khoobam
  • Thank you – Mamnoon
  • Goodbye – Khodaa haafez

Greeting in French

  • Hello – Bonjour Monsieur / Madame
  • How are you? – Comment allez-vous?
  • Fine, thank you – Bien, merci
  • Good-bye – Au revoir Monsieur/Madame

Greetings in Japanese

  • Hello – Konnichiwa
  • How are you – Ogenki Desu Ka?
  • Yes – Hai
  • Thank you very much – DoomoArigatoo
  • You are welcome – Dooitashimashite

Greetings in Punjabi

  • Hello (Sikh) – Sat sri akal jee
  • How are you? – Kee haal heh?
  • I’m good – Vudhiya
  • Thank you – Dhunvaad

Greetings in Russian

  • Hello – Zdravstvujte or Privet
  • How are you? – Kak dela?
  • Fine – Khorosho
  • Thank you – Spasiba
  • Good – bye – Do svidanija



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