Global Civic Policy Society CEO Sam Sullivan addressed a gathering of municipal planning and engineering contractors in Kamloops organized by Urban Systems. The meeting took place on Thursday, September 13, 2009 at the beautiful South Thompson Guest Ranch. The speech was entitled — Imagining Your Future — and included personal, organizational and community observations and insights. Strategies behind the decision to host the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games and ways to ensure community events become long-term legacies were discussed. Issues around densification and social problems such as drug addiction were of particular interest to the attendees.

Sam Sullivan has been asked to address City Managers from northern and Interior British Columbia next spring at a meeting to be held in Kamloops.

Youth Programs

Global Civic Policy Society CEO Sam Sullivan was invited to address 40 youth from SUCCESS, the largest Immigrant Services Society in British Columbia. In the speech Sullivan explained local government and its importance in the lives of citizens. He also emphasized the importance of the responsibilities of citizenship and gave numerous personal insights and anecdotes to explain the points. His hand out summarized Roberts Rules of Order and the greater part of the evening was spent in role-playing different scenarios of a city council meeting.

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