We were pleased to hear that there are staff at the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre that consider the Public Salons among their top five shows. Rosemarie has worked there for over 30 years and made a point of telling us how she feels:

“I really have enjoyed the salons.

With the presentations by the individuals I found that they have a passion re their work and what they can do for others.  They are contributing back to society. They have energy.  They are inspiring.  They make one think “what can I do” “what is my passion” “how can I help” “what am I going to do in the future for others” “what will be my contribution”.

When one works other events at the theatre – one listens/watches and enjoys.  But with the salons – one starts to think about the above! ”

This from students at Langara College:


, I wanted to share this feedback from these ESL students / alum that attended your Feb 8 Public Salon:


F… is from originally from Mexico. She is studying at VCC and recently joined our Student Leadership Club

“Dear Sam Sullivan and Lynn,

Being for first time in Public Salon has been an unforgettable experience that I hope will be unstoppable. On my way home, I felt my heart and mind full of dreams and new horizons to conquer. In addition, last week I’d learned in Public Salon something crucial for my life; I should never stop to dream and to think that anything can’t be changed. Everything can be improved in our short existence in order to help the well-being of human beings.

Thank you dear Sam and Lynn for being so encouraging and heart-given.

F V (VCC student)”

P… is from Iran. He is only 17 years old – living in Vancouver on his own and in his 6th month of studying English. He is a also a core member of our Student Leadership Club:

“Great ideas from sophisticated people brought by… Sam Sullivan.”

J… is a VCC alumnus now working in healthcare:

“Thanks a lot for informing me about the Public Salon, Nancy!

As a new immigrant, quite often, I thought that I was an ant in the mega city. Through this salon, I felt that I was a member of this metropolitan society.”

G… is from Korea, also in leadership club and studying English at VCC (also note that G… is EXTREMELY shy – this was epic for her – coming out for an evening to a public event):

“I really great time with all our members and it was so passionate. I felt a sense of belonging and it quite touched me. Also I understood about Canada’s culture and great spirit. I hope to joining with good things for Canada and Vancouver. Moreover I love my school VCC and Leadership program.”

I had wanted to send you these positive vibes yesterday, on Valentine’s Day! But I’m hoping you’ll forgive my tardiness and still feel the love one day later… Thanks again for hosting these amazing, inspirational evenings and for including VCC.

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