Reflections of a Former Mayor

Anti-growth policies an antiquated approach to building cities

By Sam Sullivan, Special to the Sun March 26, 2012,Vancouver Sun I usually agree with Gordon Gibson, but not with his suggestion that Vancouver should just say no to growth and let him live a quiet life. In the 1880s Canada decided to make Vancouver its “terminal city.” A monumentally expensive railway was built which […]

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On Being Asked to Comment on Jim Green…

I have received a number of requests asking for a statement about Jim Green. He was a great leader, a great citizen and he profoundly influenced the direction of the city. The following article gives just one example of why I believe this is so: Form Follows Function Abraham Rogatnick was a dear friend and […]

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On Hearing of the Death of Tom Campbell…..

On Hearing of the Death of  Tom Campbell….. Environmental concerns lead many to believe that the ideal city should have a very high density core with pockets of high density throughout the surrounding suburbs. I discovered that this ideal was exactly the city we were achieving many years ago. In the 1960s the neighborhood of […]

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The Fourth Wave of Urban Reform

Canada has seen three waves of urban reform sweep the nation. The first saw the formal establishment of cities as self-governing corporations as a way to manage local unrest after the Rebellion of 1837. The Canadian Confederation placed cities firmly under the control of provincial governments which would lead them to become the fiscally weakest […]

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The City We Want

What is the form of the ideal city? If the goal is to reduce our impact on the environment the answer would seem to be a very high density urban core surrounded by much lower densities punctuated by points or corridors of higher density. This form results in the best outcomes for greenhouse gas emissions […]

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February 1 Public Salon recap

Nearly 500 guests attended the February 1 Public Salon, the largest turnout to date. Niamh Scallan, a freelance journalist, writes about the evening’s speakers. Videos will be posted soon. Public Salon with Sam Sullivan By Niamh Scallan It was a chilly February evening when Vancouverites came together for the first Public Salon of 2011. Before […]

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November 3 Public Salon Recap

Tsawwassen First Nations Chief Kim Baird speaking at the Public Salon We had another great turnout at our November 3 Public Salon. Ryan Going, a student at Douglas College, was in attendance and provides us with a summary of the evening’s speakers and their topics. We will post videos as soon as they become available. […]

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Kudos to Cadieux

Almost unnoticed amongst the recent news items emanating from Victoria was a watershed event for people with disabilities. Stephanie Cadieux became the first wheelchair user to become a Cabinet Minister in BC history. Stephanie has been a dignified, levelheaded, consensus building advocate for people with disabilities and healthier communities for many years both at the […]

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September 23 Public Salon recap

Artist Ken Lum speaking at the Public Salon We had a great turnout for our sixth Public Salon, including Jessica Linzey who was also in attendance. She’s written an excellent summary of the evening, which I’m sharing below… September 23rd Public Salon recap By Jessica Linzey On the evening of September 23rd, Vancouverites poured into […]

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June 9 Public Salon follow-up

THANK YOU EVERYONE who joined us for our first Public Salon at the Playhouse Theatre. We apologize to the people who were turned away at the door. Although we sold out all of the tickets we were able to seat many who wanted to buy tickets at the door by giving tickets from the Will […]

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