Global Civic Policy Society strives to support important academic research that could be of value to public officials, civil servants and citizens as it relates to local government. Global Civic provides funding, supports fund-raising efforts, promotes awareness and/or helps disseminate information to the public. The following include projects the Society is supportive of.

Professor John Clague — A Professor at Simon Fraser University in Earth Sciences. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society and former President of the Geological Society of Canada. He is an expert on hazards and risks such as earthquakes, tsunamis and floods. He is also the author of a wonderful book called — Vancouver: City on the Edge which describes in ways accessible to the layperson our local geology. Professor Clague has taken up the challenge presented by the Global Civic Policy Society to to describe in ways accessible by the general public how to understand the issue of the depletion of fossil fuels.

Professor Lawrence Frank — A Professor at the University of British Columbia. He is the Bombardier Chair in Sustainable Transportation and is a Senior Fellow of the Brookings Institution and President of Urban Design 4 Health. He has been studying the effects of neighbourhood walk ability on travel patterns and sustainability for 20 years. Professor Frank is engaged in a study to compare the before and after behaviour of people moving into a high density Surrey building. The Global Civic Policy Society recognizes that the majority of growth occurs outside the city center and it is very important to facilitate higher density housing in all municipalities whether they be city, suburban or rural.

Bruno Freschi — is a world-renowned architect who has served for many years as the Dean of Architecture in New York University. He was also the Chief Architect for Expo 86 and has designed many important public institutions. He is bringing his broad knowledge and innovative thinking to imagining the future of the region. The Global Civic Policy Society is pleased that Mr. Freschi has chosen to work with the Society on this important project.

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