Speakers (in order of appearance)

Wade Grant

James Lightbody

Patrick Condon

Matthew Soules

Brent Toderian

Aldyen Donnelly

Edward Glaeser, Part 1

Alan Broadbent

Dan Zack

Andrew Ramlo

Trevor Boddy

Stephanie Chang

Performance by Heather Dotto, Tracy Satterfield and Rena Sharon

Edward Glaeser, Part 2

Shauna Sylvester

Alan Boniface

Edward Glaeser and James Cheng

Gil Peñalosa

Barb Justason and Max Cameron

Bill Rees

Tamim Raad

Lance Berelowitz

Concluding panel – Penny Gurstein, Gordon Price, Leslie Van Duzer, and Gil Peñalosa


Other Videos

Hear from speakers and attendees at the Vancouver Urban Forum. Mass Abedi of Abco Films recorded a number of comments during the intermissions. Click on each name to view videos.

Brent Toderian  Chief Planner, City of Vancouver 2006 -2012

Patrick Condon  Professor, UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Matthew Soules  Assistant Professor, UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

James Lightbody  Professor, University of Alberta

George Affleck  Vancouver City Councillor

Edward Glaeser  Harvard Professor of Economics and author of “Triumph of the City”

Aldyen Donnelly  President, WDA Consulting Inc.

Charles Gauthier  Executive Director, Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association

Gordon Price  Director, City Program, Simon Fraser University

Gil Penalosa Founder of 8-80 Cities, Former Municipal Leader of Bogota, Columbia

Shauna Sylvester  Executive Director of Carbon Talks, SFU Centre fro Dialogue

Paul Harris  Councillor, City of Red Deer, Alberta

Catherine Hobbs  Councillor, City of Ottawa, Ontario

Alan Boniface  Managing Partner, DIALOG

Trevor Boddy Architecture Curator, Critic and Consultant

Max Cameron  Professor of Political Science, Director of the Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions, UBC

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